About Edo-Mozi

It hands on the torch about townspeople culture in Edo era.

Edo-Mozi” is the general term of designed character which was often used in Edo-era. There are several typefaces, and each of them has different names. Each usage also was different. Edo-mozi has “Shibai-mozi”, “Yose-mozi”, “Sumou-mozi”, “Kago-mozi”, “Hige-mozi”, “Kaku-mozi” as the typeface. Regarding the modern calligraphy or design, those are highly attractive. We can feel Edo’s stylishness and clever joke with each typeface.

Takeshin often uses “Yose-Mozi”. It literally was used in “Yose”(old Japanese storytellers’ theatre). It is called “Tachibana-style”. Artisan like Tachibana Ukon, Bira-Kiyo, Bira-Shin had been developing these. They used this to attract customers.
It has a character that the words look packed, which was a lucky charm. It is used on signboards, lists, handbills, Senjafuda of Rakugo(Japanese traditional comic storytelling).

Based on this Yose-Mozi, Takeshin arranges the design of Kifuda only for you.

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